Mr Chandra Tumuluri - B.Tech

Associate Vice President, Globallogic India Pvt. Ltd,Hyderabad, India
Course(s) Completed: AutoCAD | Year: 1990

Currently I work for GlobalLogic, which is a full-lifecycle product development services leader that combines deep domain expertise and cross-industry experience to connect makers with markets worldwide.

After I completed my training in AutoCAD, I became an instructor with Cadd Centre, Bangalore. My teaching experience helped me in finding newer avenues and move into GIS (geographical info systems). Honesty is very important for career growth. We should develop the attitude to own and be accountable for our own actions.

Mr Rasesh Palav B.E

Senior Application Engineer, Worklogix Middle East LLC
Course(s)Completed: Pro/ENGINEER,AutoCAD,MSC. NX Nastran,Solidworks | Year: 2002

We are a channel and maintenance service partner for PTC in the Middle East. As a student, I was very much inclined to learn CAD. I should say that CADD Centre's programs introduced me to the fascinating world of CAD/CAM/CAE and Product Development. I think determination, dedication and discipline are important for success. Since engineering is a collaborative work, we should have of a friendly attitude that will help in teamwork.

Mr. Ryan Luis Shenoy M.E.

Research Assistant, University of Wollongong NSW, Australia
Course(s) Completed: Master Diploma in Civil | Year: 2011

Training with CADD Centre has most definitely helped. Nowadays, the basic necessities of life are Food, Clothing, Shelter and CADD!!! To be a successful engineer one must Study Smart and Work hard and then – you're good to go!!!!

Mr. Chetan. R M-Tech

Green Building Analyst, Environmental Design Solutions, Bangalore, India
Course(s) Completed: Diploma in Electrical CADD, p-spice simulation software | Year: 2009

Environmental Design Solution assists various design teams with environmentally focused design principles. Such as energy simulation, day lighting design, water efficiency measures, material selection, and a number of other sustainable measures. CADD Center lectures taught me aspects of electrical CADD and its importance. This training helped me integrate my lighting designs as well as electrical designs to achieve a holistic prescriptive towards achieving better results in designing lighting. My advice would be to: Do smart work and be strong with your basics. Also ask: why, how, what questions, the answers for these 3 questions will make you more knowledgeable. Lastly, have concern for our environment, switch off lights and computers when you leave the room. Save energy!

Mr. Prashant Raj B.E.

CAD Designer, Ford Motor Company, Chennai, India
Course(s) Completed: CATIA | Year: 2011

The training from CADD Centre helped a lot in the early stages of my career as CAD designer. Most of my work was on CATIA and I had a strong foundation thanks to CADD Centre. To be a successful engineer: keep it simple; never try to do anything extraordinary as everything has a solution and mostly a simple solution. Always be eager to learn new things.

Mr. Jayesh Dwivedi

Digital sculptor (Asst. mgr.-cad modeling), Maruti Suzuki India Ltd, Gurgaon, India
Course(s) Completed: Pro|Engineering | Year: 2010

Special guidance from my instructor Mr. K K Thakur helped me understand the tools of Pro|E and the training gave me adequate exposure and practical skills to use in professional world. The courses offered by CADD Center are good. Those who want to excel and use these courses, in pursuit of their profession, must adhere to the basics.

Mr. S. Madan B.E

Planning Engineer, YRM Industries, Chennai, India
YRM Industries is a Medium Scale Industry dealing with Valve, Reg. Bodies etc (Petroleum Products). Our Major customers are Emerson Process Management, Virgo Engineers Ltd, Audco India Ltd, etc.

I came to CADD Centre to study the basics of AutoCAD but the counselor helped me identify a professional course appropriate for me. When I joined the course it seemed expensive, but the CADD QUEST initiative was perfect as it provided me a scholarship of 45% equivalent to the marks I scored on the aptitude test. Hence CADD Quest is an excellent initiative. I am now eagerly waiting for an opportunity to learn Primavera.

Mr. Santhosh Varkey

Project Planner, Digital Connection Co. Ltd Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia.
Course(s) Completed: Diploma in Project Management & Planning | Year: 2009

We are a leading trench-less technology & telecommunications contractor. I learnt basics of project planning and management from world class project examples and proven methodologies for my industry. The training they gave at CADD Centre was very focused and customized to the needs of each and every industry. The trainer also had domain knowledge, which made it possible for us to learn project management in our own language. I could master Primavera completely in a short duration. Today, I use Primavera Schedule to manage perfect schedule and proper updates.

Mr. Mustapha N. Manjang

Assistant Lecturer , Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) , Banjul, Gambia, West Africa
Course(s) Completed: Project Planning and Management (PPM/MSP) Year: 2012

CADD Centre helped by widening my scope of understanding of the ethics of projects management skills. It has also made me fulfill a long time desire of obtaining an internationally recognized skills training certificate. Interest, dedication and most importantly, the zeal to work with diverse people, technology and machines are a must for engineers. Engineers are highly demonstrative beings who cannot be bypassed in obtaining any meaningful personal, social, human, socio-cultural and economic development. Engineer`s are the basic commodity on which the labor force depends for its success.

Mr. Camilo Fernando, M.Sc. Offshore Engineering

Junior Engineer Trainee, Allseas Group SA, Netherlands
Course(s) Completed: Professional in Mechanical CADD | Year: 2010

Allseas is one of the largest offshore pipe laying companies. The Dutch firm Allseas is headquartered in Switzerland, and has offices in Netherlands, Belgium, USA, Australia, UK, Portugal and India.

I always had a strong passion for Computer Aided Design during my college days. Joining the CADD Centre enabled me to get a head start into the world of design software. The quality of the reference materials was really good with elaborate explanations, exercises and diagrams. The enthusiastic and friendly staff members further kindled my interest to pursue my dream of becoming a design engineer. Training not only helped me immensely in my Master's studies in the Netherlands but was also a very valuable addition to my resume, which enabled me to get an internship at a reputed oil & gas company in the Netherlands.

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