Drones, Cloud Computing and BIM – Digital Engineering for Metro Construction

Design and construction companies are quickly discovering the value brought by drone mapping. Construction projects these days are carried out based on the images and site plans discovered after drone surveillance. Volume and elevation measurements, comparison and quality assurance measures can be achieved more efficiently when an initial drone survey is carried out on a construction site before the real project gets started.

A number of established construction companies around the globe, such as the VDC team at Brasfield & Gorrie, are already setting high standards in this regard. The company has equipped each of its regional offices with a series of drones whose everyday data is incorporated into business practices.

BIM-Drone Point Clouds Enabling Powerful Analysis

Not just limited to the completed drone-generated point cloud, the model can further be integrated into BIM software.  The construction teams generated point clouds through these drones and then imports this data into Autodesk Revit. This is then overlaid with the 3D site plan models and other critical data to improve the following processes.

  • Initial site design.
  • Quality assurance- comparing actual construction figures against the intended plan.
  • Measuring changes over time.

Below are a few examples of how construction companies leverage point cloud data in BIM software to help make better decisions.

Site Planning

Done data is used to help site planning in terms of overlaying the architect’s design for the construction project. This data can also be used to determine the crane clearance area while the project is initiated.

Verifying Concrete and Pipe Work

The existing designs can be compared with the drone-generated point clouds to ensure the pipes are placed at the right elevations.

Monitoring the Earthwork

In the case of a project involving a bigger land area, drone-generated data can give all the necessary details of the earthwork conditions to make informed and timely decisions.

Engineers, designers, and construction project managers are widely using this technology to measure the exact differences in the plans and the construction work. To know more about this technology and make a career in this field, join the professional courses offered by the CADD Centre training services. Grab the trending job opportunities being accredited by one of the biggest brands on the globe.

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