How to make engineers employable?

Every year, engineering colleges in India produce over 500,000 engineers, with thousands more added to that number annually. The harsh reality is that most of them have an engineering degree in hand but no expertise at all. A mere 18 to 20% of these engineering graduates can actually be called employable. The problem is that our education system focuses more on quantity rather than quality. It sticks to an old-fashioned method, focusing more on theories and less on real-life applications. Engineers are supposed to be problem solvers. They are provided the tools to solve problems using the knowledge they gained while pursuing their respective engineering courses. The majority of these engineering graduates are clueless when it comes to solving real-world problems.

Alright, enough cursing the system, it is high time that we come up with a solution to change the scenario. Educational institutions and employers should collaborate to update the curriculum according to industry needs. This involves moving away from old-fashioned teaching methods and recognizing the significance of the internet age. Additionally, bringing in industry professionals as special instructors can provide valuable real-world insights.

Students have to work on their part too; they of course are a big part of the system. They need to familiarize themselves with the fast changing economy. They can follow certain key points for their development to make themselves employable:

1. Concentrate on a specific field and become an expert in it. Starting work on certificate courses like Solidworks, Revit, and more related to your concern industry.

2. Create a genuine resume that reflects your individuality. Don’t copy it from the seniors.

3. Take up online courses or join some company during vacations for a real-time experience.

4. Stay aware of the current trends and changing requirements of the industry, and acquire new skills to meet those requirements.

5. Sharpen your communication skills and work on your confidence. You’ve got to convince your worth of your employer.

6. As much as we may hate it, most companies filter out resumes based on scores. Scoring higher marks are important for getting a job.

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