If an Architect can Build a Building, Why they Need a Civil Engineer?

The idea of the designing and construction of buildings is familiar to everyone. A similar fact to the thing is that the job requires professionals such as Architects and Civil Engineers.

Architects, yes! They visualize making drawings on a sheet of paper and civil engineers working in the field of construction while being involved in the assembly. There are visible and marked differences between the field of architecture and civil engineering. The following are the responsibilities that differentiate architects and civil engineers from each other:

Creation of Designs

Architecture is mainly about creating and designing structures with aesthetics and functionality in mind. On the other hand, civil engineers work closely with the architects to deliberate the plan and plan the entire methodology for constructing the further design.

Implementation of Drafts

It is the architect’s job to work on the architect’s draft whereas civil engineering refers to studying the draft and examining the practicality of design. Civil takes a step ahead in detecting whether the design can withstand extreme loading conditions or not.

Focus on Customer’s Need

Architects design to structure while considering the outside needs and requirements of the customers. On the contrary, civil engineers concentrate on the need of the client which includes electrical drawing, plumbing, and the finest structural layout. Therefore, the initial job is completed by architects to lay down the design with the help of AutoCAD 3D for Architects, and later comes the job of engineers to work on those outlines and dimensions.

In a nutshell, to achieve a vigorous and high-quality project, a good architect-engineer relationship is important. A civil engineer works their best for the implementation of the design whereas an architect considers focusing on aesthetics and functionality to make it cost less. The work responsibilities can overlap, but ideally, each of them has their expertise to be esteemed.



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