Job Skills will define your future not your college degree

There was a time when all one needed was a degree to find a respectable job. But today, degree is not the only parameter. Instead, skills and talent are the priorities that recruiters look for in any job aspirant. This is the reason, gaining new skills and knowledge is becoming a trend among the freelancers and students. A survey reported that freelancers and job aspirants are keener about skill development as they consider it more useful in their life as compared to the four years of college degree. Also, the cost of education is soaring, and students are getting indebted while acquiring degrees that not even guarantees a good job.

Rapid Technological Advancement and Rising Education Costs

The technology is advancing at a fast pace, and so is the demand for new skills. Also, with every passing year the cost of education is rising. Consequently, people are becoming more interested in pursuing skill development courses over degree courses as they are cheaper to accomplish and they open more excellent job opportunities for aspirants.

Currently, the most in-demand jobs and occupations are those which are skill-based and did not even exist a few years back. The existing educational system does not cover all these specialties as a result of which students are directed towards skill learning opportunities so that they could acquire a good job.

New Non-Traditional Modes of Education

The future will be about skills and not degrees, so one must strive for gaining more skills than acquiring more education. Therefore, new non-traditional education options are booming. These are often focused on the most in-demand skills requiring aspiring candidates to attend campus-based/project-based institutions, like the Holberton School or online programs such as e-learning sites like Coursera or Udemy.

The increasing demand for non-conventional learning options is offering the best opportunity for skill development and is opening new vistas for career growth. Every aspiring candidate must look forward to it to prepare oneself for the futuristic jobs.

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  1. November 7, 2019

    […] Education qualification has become less critical nowadays considering the need for skilled workforce. Skills are the most demanding quality that a recruiter looks for while hiring any candidate. This is the reason that a plethora of Skill Enhancement Courses has come into being giving opportunities to people to enhance their knowledge and skills to land upon a better job. Let’s give you a sneak peek of such skill enhancement courses in some of the prominent domains: […]