What makes a good AutoCAD drafter?

AutoCAD is a computer aided tool that is used to design everything, from different apparatus to construction buildings and missiles. To make a career in AutoCAD designing, one must have:

  • Great designing skills backed up with rounded education.
  • A four-year degree in mathematics, computer technology, science, and graphics design, for a proper understanding of the concepts of this course.
  • The scholars can also explore community colleges and be well acquainted with all the affordable ways to learn¬†AutoCAD.
  • One must have a good grip over the commands, and he should also adhere with excellent analytical skills.
  • He must also excel in his/ Her communication skills since this profession required constant interaction with the Managers/Engineers, technicians, and even clients.


A good AutoCAD 3D drafter with solid designing skills can easily land in any entry level job, which will provide him an immunity towards a substantial career growth. An expertise in AutoCAD design  techniques, can take your whole career to an another level.

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