Who Use CATIA V5, and Why?

Dassault is a corporation that created CATIA, which is a French-designed Computer-Aided Design tool. It is used to develop and design 3D models. The primary applications of this tool are in the automotive, aerospace and aircraft designing. It is the leader in the design market where it is utilized to simulate, analyze and manufacture products in numerous industries. It helps designers and creative thinkers to put their imagination at work and view the outcome in the form of a fully functional 3D model.

CATIA Working
As compared to other CAD systems, this tool has multiple functionalities like:
1. Starting from the basis of volume, mass, shapes with their alignment in and assembly line in addition to that, it can perform mesh analysis.
2. Users can also add performance enhancers like “fly-through” visualization, human interface analysis.
3.Numerical Control programming can be executed using CATIA. In addition to machine design, it can be used to design sheet metal and SLS for any manufacturing process.
4.Earlier, everything used to be designed using hands-on paper in a 2D structure, but the development of 3D tools like CATIA has changed the entire designing scenario. Now those 2D dimensions on paper have become surface in CATIA where designing and viewing the final model has become very easy.
The tool is evolving and advancing daily, where engineers of software development are working round the clock to develop and add new features. This tool has not only helped the designers but also has helped companies and manufacturers to view their final product at low cost without even pooling their resources.

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