Job Pakka Fair’24 – India’s Largest Talent Hunt!

Join us for an exhilarating career journey with CADD Centre's Job Pakka program. We're excited to present the Job Pakka Fair’24 – an exceptional opportunity to explore diverse career paths and transform your career aspirations into reality. This extraordinary event proudly stands as India's largest talent search, featuring over 15,000 job openings across ten dynamic industries spanning six cities.

Following its resounding success in Kochi, Chennai, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Greater Noida, the Job Pakka Fair is now making waves in Pune. With a broad spectrum of fields, including Mechanical, Civil, Architecture, Industrial, Production, Information Technology, and more, this event offers countless prospects for advancement. Whether you hail from core engineering, ECE, EEE, IT & CSE, HR, Sales, Marketing, or any other field, there are endless opportunities awaiting you.

leftOver 37,500 students registered and 10,000 taking significant strides towards their dream careers

Explore a diverse array of roles, ranging from entry-level positions to mid-level responsibilities. We extend a heartfelt invitation to CADD Centre students, freshers, seasoned professionals, and individuals with minimal educational qualifications alike. Join us at the Job Pakka Fair and chart your path to a fulfilling future!

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