5 Reasons Why We Need New BIM Architecture Suite

BIM (Building Information Modeling) enables architects and designers to create and communicate design during the process of designing. Moreover, it assists in grasping performance, appearance, and cost before beginning the design process. BIM technology is important in supporting architects throughout the lifecycle of design.

Importance of BIM in Architecture

There are many ways in which BIM for architecture helps, amongst which some are mentioned as follows:

  • Helps in gaining a competitive edge to grow your business market.
  • Support in taking a design from concept to reality with efficiency and better quality.
  • Takes you towards the realization of your vision by bringing in innovative technology solutions that enable impactful design.

Features of Existing Architectural Suite- AECOsim

There are several BIM Architectural suites such as ArchiCAD, Allplan, and Revit. Undoubtedly, AECOsim was born out of long-line development until years and is an extension of good old MicroStation. And, probably this Building Designer was something that everyone was trying to jump on as it is trying to get into the act of BIM. Here are a few things you need to know about AECOsim as a BIM architecture suite:

  1. Taking on a whole the only goal of BIM is supposed to take care of operations and so, AECO stands for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Owner/Operator are four phases of operation and creation of a building. Nevertheless, it is unfortunate of us to mention that BIM software AECOsim is taking care of engineering and construction only.
  2. BIM is mostly developed for huge engineering companies i.e. it works on buildings associated with civil work, and large buildings where designing is less in comparison to construction.
  1. All around the world, there are a number of architects who are working across civil engineering companies. However, the team of architects could not associate AECOsim with the work they perform.
  1. AECOsim is somewhat different and is a suite of programs designed for the whole process of AECO. It especially has created a market of people who are loyal customers of MicroStation that requires working on large-engineering building projects.
  1. If you are looking for something creative and willing to make some showy stuff, you will have to look for something else. Since AECOsim does not help much in this area.

Looking at the above shortfalls and inefficiencies it is imperative to note that we need a new BIM architectural suite that can fulfill more requirements apart from engineering and construction.

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