Advancements in Building Analysis using ETABS

A competent structural engineer always aims at designing a building in a systematically planned, organized, and economical manner. Apart from perfect designing, he also ensures that it is serviceable, fit for human and environmental habitation, and also have an extended design period.

The modern-day construction designing concepts and arrangements have changed dramatically. The new concept of development of green buildings has been introduced recently, wherein residential buildings are constructed using sustainable construction material more efficiently in order to create an eco-friendly environment.

All this is possible by using an advanced construction software, i.e. ETABS (Extended Three Dimensional Analysis of Building system).

Features of ETABS:

ETABS is a construction software that is designed to:

  • Create a well designed, analysed, RCC framed earthquake-proof building.
  • It has the proficiency to do countless research and analysis in all major fields be it static, dynamic, Linear and non-linear, etc.
  • This software contains the unique feature of considering the beams, columns as Line members and slabs, Ramps/staircases, walls as area members.

ETABS software assists in the proper implementation of the green design concepts in the architectural design of a building to reduce the carbon footprints of the building.

So to excel in the structural engineering field, one must learn the concept and operation through CADD Centre ETABS Course  and understand what all goes into creating an Eco friendly green building.

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