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Placement Services

Our mission is to create opportunities for employment and career growth for our students. In partnership with National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), we strive to contribute to enhancing the employability of students. In the past three decades, we have trained about 2 million students and got them placed in organisations across 40 plus countries.

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40+ Countries

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Job Market and Placement Process

‘Gainful employment’ is our watchword. We help our students find jobs that are well-paid, meaningful, and challenging. We track companies that are hiring, and display job offers at our placement portal. We group them under different categories based on their implicit and explicit skill needs.

We take ownership in assessing students
and matching them with the right jobs.

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CADD CENTRE - Client Testimonials

thumpnailThe pursuit of quality and excellence has always been the hallmark of CADD Centre which now has gone past 30 years and counting
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Job Fair and Pre-employement Counselling

We conduct Job fairs exclusively for top hiring industrial sectors and regions, and enable companies and our students with relevant skill sets to meet. We also provide pre-employment counselling for specific jobs, and schedule interviews for the shortlisted candidates. We constantly innovate our systems and services to deliver on our promise related to gainful employment. We stay committed to creating training products and services that make students relevant for the job market of their time.

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