First Job Pakka

First Job Pakka In Just 80 Hours

At CADD Centre we know that the first job matters. Our "First Job Pakka" program is built for setting a great career path for the people we train. The next wave of technologies is just buzzing around the corner, we are equipped and ready to shape your future the best!

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Core Competence

Our program is designed to become job-ready with a holistic approach that involves engineering design & development and project management. We offer expert training on popular CAD/CAE tools combined with engineering concepts and programming so students can learn usage of tools in the real engineering world.


At CADD Centre, we focus on hands-on learning so students can gain practical application of the tools, while they learn the theory behind as well. It also offers time and space to think through each action, as well as support from tutors who can provide real-time feedback.

Programming Skills For Engineers

Be it any branch of engineering, most needed in today’s education is sufficient computational skills, such as knowledge in programming and algorithms. IT technologies such as AI, IoT, robotics, etc. are vastly evolving, and there are many jobs associated with them today. At CADD Centre, we enable engineers with emerging IT skills.

Soft Skills

Engineers have to interact with professionals at work, which requires a great deal of communication and collaboration. At CADD Centre, we provide Employability Skill Development Program (ESDP) which imparts skills to gain a competitive edge in any job market.

Project Assessment

Project-based learning helps students learn a range of skills and subject matter in the process of creating their own projects. At CADD Centre students are exposed multiple projects which they excel while completing the course.

Job Ready Skilling

At CADD Centre, we vouch for creating employable engineering workforce who will be productive from day one. With this holistic approach, we also expose students to job fairs and also take them through a pre-placement assessment to make them industry ready

CADD Centre has consistently contributed to young engineers' success by helping them acquire employable skills and build their career paths. All of this, combined with our expertise in CAD, will help you land your dream job at one of the top companies.

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