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CADD Centre Group is a global network of diversified skill development centers. We are a technical workforce development enterprise. CADD Centre Training services is the training division of CADD Centre Group.

We believe in

At CADD Centre Group, we think that everyone ought to have the chance to contribute to technological development and cultivate future abilities. With learning pathways and courses produced by industry professionals, we assist enterprises and people in benchmarking skills across jobs and developing safe, dependable products.


Since our founding in 1988, we have become the world’s largest network of providers of Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and Project Management courses. CADD Centre is a one-stop shop for all your employable skills training requirements. To help students maximize their education, we provide a variety of courses, certificates, placement support, and career preparation resources.



During these 34 years, CADD Centre Training Services proudly surpassed milestones of having over 1000 franchise locations in over 30 countries. We have fostered the careers of more than 2 million engineers, designers, and managers who have individually achieved global prominence.

Whether you're looking for a course to enhance your skills and be able to grasp emerging technology with employability qualities, our specialists from various fields aid the course selection process.









Curriculum & Product Development

At CADD Centre, we provide standard 500 courses curated by the CPD (Curriculum & Product Development) team. It includes practical projects and helps with illustrations to better understand real-world usage. These experts have hours of instructional expertise; courseware is of world-class quality and is best rated by customers worldwide in the engineering design space.

What Does CADD Centre Group Stance For?

We want to establish a worldwide community of students and teachers in which learning is continuous. We want to match our users with the appropriate course. We give them training and placement depending on their career goals, the profile, the course's industrial use, certification, cost, etc.

CADD Centre offers CAD/ CAE/project management/ IT/industrial design/ Interior design / Fashion Design/ Business skills. We are continually expanding and adding new regularly online and offline. In the future, we want to enhance and broaden our horizons to assist our students in advancing their careers and professional objectives.

Key differentiators

We attribute our success primarily to


Strategic Business Units

We offer courses on various technological, managerial, and creative domains through the following training units and brands:

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