Engineering, Technology & Careers

Engineering, Technology Careers - ETC is a CADD Centre initiative that was launched with the needs of emerging engineers in mind. While core subject knowledge is essential, it is also important for Engineers to gain skills in emerging technologies. We believe that engineers can benefit greatly from this powerful combination of core and technical skills. CADD Centre's ETC initiative aims to bring you a series of events such as workshops, webinars, and career fairs.

ETC Objectives

  • The events will be led by subject matter experts who have been hand-picked.
  • The experts will share their expertise and advice on emerging engineering skills and employer expectations.
  • The on-site events will also include career fairs with top employers.

Typical on-ground event format

Day 01: Expert led workshops

Exposure to leading industry domains, overview of key in-demand tech skills, concept to prototype sessions led by experts.

Day 02: Career Fair

CADD Centre led career fair will have top companies and major employers. On the spot offer letters will be given to deserving candidates.

Key Benefits

Incredible skill development, extensive knowledge, on-the-spot offer letters, participation certificates, resources and more.

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