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CAD Trends

Computer-aided design (CAD) is creating two- or three-dimensional (2D or 3D) graphical representations of physical objects with the use of computer programs. The technology has evolved in last few years and knowing the trends bring by these technologies is vital for future planning of any business.

A B2B firm (Business Advantage Group) released a report telling the CAD trend worldwide, based on their survey on global CAD users. We took the top most surprising trends worth sharing with our readers here, believing this information could be useful for some CAD users and their managers.

Top CAD trends

1. There is a wide breach between the use and awareness of the CAD:

According to the survey of 2014, the 81% of total responded were ‘aware’ of the 3-D printing and only 62% of them were actually using the technology. In the year of 2015, the percentage increased and reached 88% of people aware of 3-D printing and 77% of them who were actually using the technology. If we compare the result the gap is actually shrinking, however, still it is still a subject of concern for the industry.

2. Number of people who seeks mobile access to the CAD data is increasing:

According to the survey, there are 21% of the total respondents who, at present, are accessing CAD data on mobile platform by using one or other means of access and these numbers are estimated to increase up to 10% more in the coming years. In the States, the percentage has already crossed the quarter of all respondents, however, the growth is predicted to be high in Asia Pacific reason with 18% of growth rate over the year of 2015.

3. CAD users not seems to be attracted at the Big yet:

Studies tell that the big data apps are still far from the CAD user’s attention. According to the results, only 3% of the respondents have embraced the data analytical apps and predicted number would go till 4% only, over the next year.

4. CAD would grow in the cloud:

The survey results and the prediction says that the good number of Cad users would be moving into the cloud in next five years. According to the results, currently 7% of total respondents are using cloud-based CAD system which in the next year is predicted go till 16% and in another next year can cross 25%.

In conclusion, understanding global CAD trends is vital for businesses and users. Key findings include a narrowing gap between awareness and usage of 3-D printing, a rising demand for mobile CAD access, slow adoption of big data apps, and a projected increase in cloud-based CAD systems. Embracing these trends fosters innovation and efficiency in CAD practices worldwide. We hope this blog provides valuable insights and guidance for your CAD journey by CADD Centre. Share your thoughts and additional trends in the comments. Thank you for exploring CAD trends with us.

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