Guide on Lumion

The architect needs something to explain their product result from each stage of the design process with a 3D presentation. Lumion 3D animation software software brings the art of rendering into the everyday craft of the architect, encouraging your drive for excellence, and clarity. It’s specially designed to nurture your creativity, diligence, and love for architecture. Lumion empowers you to create a beautiful render of your design or idea at a moment’s notice, all you need is a 3D animation model and Lumion turns the task of rendering into an enjoyable, productive experience. You can incorporate renders into your process from the very first stages of design development to the final visualizations.

There are as many approaches to architecture as there are buildings in the world, Lumion is designed to adapt to your unique processes and workflows. Lumion gives you more time to design, refine your idea, perfect your craft, and fully experience the broader impact of your project on its surrounding environment. Lumion supports the most common file formats, no matter the CAD or 3D software you use, you can always rely on Lumion and effortlessly import your models, accelerating your workflow as you iterate and further develop the design.

Lumion guides the process of context creation to capture the environment surrounding your design in a stress-free, pleasurable way.  Lumion helps architects place their designs in the context of a real-life scenario. You can add the Aurora Borealis effect to reflect the majesty of your design’s location.

You can even find in-program sound objects to increase or decrease in volume allowing you to create a wall of ambient background noise. Text effects give you the ability to communicate the names of important rooms or buildings in your video, without having to edit the video in other software. You can simultaneously model your architectural design in CAD and render in Lumion with Lumion LiveSync. Whether you’re modifying the height of the walls, adding windows or doors, or even changing materials in your CAD software, your Lumion project will automatically update and show these changes.

Lumion is designed to solve social problems through design, it could be about aesthetics and expression of precision, technique, and detail. Lumion offers real-time feedback and lightning-quick rendering speeds to express your unique vision. There are no barriers to testing and exploring the ideas that will help you produce your very best work. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, Lumion gives you the clarity you need to take an idea and bring it to life.

In conclusion, we trust that this blog on Lumion, supported by CADD Centre, provides valuable insights to enhance your architectural design journey. May it inspire creativity, streamline workflows, and empower you to achieve exceptional results in your projects.

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