How can assessment be helpful for job seekers?  

Choosing a career and working towards a specific profession takes a lot of time, energy and dedication. But what happens if you choose the wrong one?

If you are a job seeker and who is troubled about choosing the best career for you to shine, Kudos to you. You have landed on the right place.

Do you know? Almost 60 percent of the people end up with the job they aren’t happy doing because they choose the wrong career that doesn’t suit their actual skills and personality.

Are you also going to the one? So, what is the ultimate solution for this, you may ask? Let’s dig in deep to find out the solution.

Yes, an assessment before job hunting is really essential. These are the 3 essential essences which add value to land in your dream job.

Personality check

Are you a leader? a motivator? a good team player? a strategic thinker? the one who loves creativity? Phew, the list goes on. Have you discovered what you actually want to become?

Understanding your personality will help you focus your job hunt and win yourself during an interview. Now, you are ruled out from those 60 percent of the population. Cheers to that.

Technical skills

Look back throughout your progress and make a list of your key competencies and learning. Find out the foundation you are strong at. Then start building an empire around it. You will get a spark from which you can start your journey.

Soft skills

Nowadays soft skills are much needed in a variety of diverse work environments and also for your career growth. Figuring out your positive characteristics wins half the battle in landing up in your dream job.

Now start your job hunting journey by discovering what you are and whom do you want to become. All the best.

CADD Centre runs First Job Pakka program recruiting people evaluates a candidate’s proficiency in various CADD software and provides a comprehensive report that can be shared with employers. This can increase job opportunities and help candidates stand out in a competitive job market.

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