How to Think Like a Simulation Engineer?

Simulation Engineers play a vital role in complex engineering projects. These professionals use their technical expertise and knowledge of computer simulation to test the durability, performance, functionality, and safety of the engineering projects in a virtual environment.

These engineers use the simulation tools to carry out their job responsibilities. To think like a simulation engineer you must be well acquainted with these 4 tools:

The Chainsaw: The tool cuts models into half and optimize them as per the project requirements. The tool is typically used for symmetric project models.

Virtual Reality: It simplifies difficult-to-mesh hardware that connects together in an engineering project. The technique removes unnecessary interference and allows designers to skip the meshing process for product design.

The Doctor: The tool checks the health of the project under development. Precisely, mesh health is checked in this technique comparing its aspect ratio against the desirable figures. 

Reverse 3D Glasses: The tool simplifies 3D models into 2D and 1D models making it easy for the simulation engineers to get an overview of the entire project.

A simulation engineer uses all these tools to develop a high-performance product. Hence, to think like a simulation engineer, you must look for techniques that reorganizes complex project details into smaller fragments which are easy to manage.

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