Innovation in Engineering – Need of the Hour

Innovation in Engineering - Need of the Hour

Innovation in Engineering – Need of the Hour

Technology advancement is in air from so long, knotted almost every single part of our lives. It affects our routines, how people shop, connect, learn, socialize, and play everything. Technology is a giant contributor to the well-being of society. And it has proven itself to be very valuable.

India has been at the front position of the back end of this revolution of innovation in Engineering. A rapid change and development in technology demands the educated and well trained workforce. While engineering study is a key driver for a systematic learning of the practices working in industry, agriculture, and commerce. Innovation in the material, procedures, and patterns of education is the crying need to meet the expectations. Modern engineers use CAD systems throughout the design and testing processes. These studies are then put together to practise in order to make routines much easier. Every stream does have a need of persistent monitoring to recognize areas for possible development, so as engineering too. Engineering in India is still stuck in the industrialised age – assembly line methods inform our education. Education System should go forward for a need to feed the industrial unit, Engineering and management education should upgrade procedures to furnish people and prepare a force who could follow commands and withstand in monotonous procedures. The need of hour is a reliable updation on ongoing basis to grow and run the nation or organization smoothly.

The Indian education market being too nascent to support the industry. In fact currently, the innovators are stepped back due to the hurdles presented by a recent market. Somehow or the other, breadwinners found ways to avoid hurdles in the system, but others still lacking behind.

We are breathing in a constantly changing world. New technologies are emerging every day and if you don’t desire to be left behind, always keep up with the changing scenario. Without innovation in education it will be actually tough to adapt to all these deviations. Simultaneously, this should be acknowledged that engineering is the future of nation and its overall development. Education giants responded to the needs of the companies and skilled students in performing task based activities. They should learn to respect hierarchies – which represent both authority and ambition. A well educated person is well aware of the modern technologies and the changes that are taking place in the world, if educated accordingly.


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