Lumion 11 for architects : Latest Features

Lumion architectural visualization software enhances the client’s ideas and concepts into beautiful 3D render and live images, videos. Lumion made its breakthrough into the architectural field using its powerful tools and objectives.

Orthographic view a new feature introduced in Lumion 11 helps in inducing color, patterns, and lively postures to our technical renderings. It stands as reliable software to improvise the documents into images and videos. For these actions, we donā€™t have to approach the need for other software. The animated phase effect is a beautiful feature using which we can create trees and plants blooming out from the land, the infrastructure of the building can be made to materialize from nowhere. Internal structures can be made to fall from the sky which will be a cool sight for the clients.

Rain streaks option can be used for showcasing the tiny little droplets to drip down the windshields and mirrors thus exhibiting a wonderful raindrop view. The volumetric fire effect projects a comfy and warm fire, which can ignite the clients’ glowing mood and attract them. Using this feature clients can visualize the fire object with ease and they can finalize easily.

Improved glass lighting improves the lighting of the surroundings and makes them adapt to the place where it stands. The best part is that the grass and land look very much like real-life representation. Metallic car shader gives realistic lighting to the car components which integrates them to blend with the project surroundings. No one could guess if the renders are animated or real.

The new object library consists of 300+ objects which can be used to do renderings around and inside the house using the apparent object. High-quality objects have been unveiled for high-end visualization and modeling. New materials and effect library contains many intricate objects which can be used for very detailed concepts and realistic environments. These objects cover interior and exterior materials.

Openstreetmap takes the Lumion 11 to another level by offering enticingly detailed satellite maps. By using this feature we can access real-time grassland, terrain, mountains, and rivers. We will be able to render a whole city to life by this unique feature. Real color picker enlarges its color selectors by providing various colors according to the standard color codes. Live sync is useful in connecting the SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD, Rhino, Vector works, and AutoCAD and allows us to render along without any hassle. This helps in developing the renders according to Lumion standards. A high-quality theater view allows us to change and feel the different previews available and the different modes of the camera.

Lumion also updated the user interface and the workflow experience. Users will be for a treat when they sit and start using the Lumion 11 newly upgraded features. Lighting, layers, materials, effects, and 360-degree viewing.

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