What’s New in Sketchup 2018

Sketchup has become one of the most prominently used 3D modeling computer programs currently. It is a tool provided by Google who announced the release of Sketchup 8 which is the latest 3D modeling application. The new features and enhancements in the tool have made it easy to carry out faster and more efficient activities such as addition, deletion, subtraction, trims and splits. These features have also made modeling more precise, detailed and efficient. Below are some of its newest changes:

Drawing and Miscellaneous Updates

  • You can now draw rectangles from the center with a control key.
  • The new tool changes color as we change its axis.
  • Enhancements in selecting tools.
  • The advanced sectioning tools let automatic coloring of the section cuts.
  • Improvements in the section plane performance.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) Functions updates

  • The reporting is now customized.
  • The Building Information Modelling feature has some advanced attributes.
  • The exported files will now contain all the added attributes.

Layout Functions Updates

  • Improved layout inferencing
  • Better DWG import
  • Scaled vector drawings

The biggest change Sketchup experienced, is version reconfiguration. Also, it does not provide a free downloadable version. Now available CADD Centre.

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