Why Engineering network is Important?

Let’s assume you are a student pursuing your engineering. You might love socializing but may not be interested in building a professional network. But later when you are really in search of a job or any advisory you need at that moment what options do you have? Is it better to start the network building right before starting your job search? Does it makes sense? Yes, building the professional network is more essential for your career.

How to build a strong Network?

A lot of people are using LinkedIn as the premium platform to discover the latest trends happening in their area of expertise and to improvise their skills with the proper use of skill engagement program. These things will not not only mould you to land on their dream job but also helps you to acquire a strong network of powerful influencers around the world. How does it sound? So start your network building today.

Quality over quantity!

Link building does sound great and lot of people are spamming on Linkedln by sending connection request randomly to the people. Is it a better way for making your professional network stronger? Sending random requests? No, definitely not! Send requests to the people who can contribute on your professional growth. Always have a quality check in your profile and work on your profile to make it look stronger. Start getting endorsements and recommendations from your mentors which will add a weightage to your profile.

In conclusion, building a strong professional network is essential for engineering students. Utilize platforms like LinkedIn to stay informed and connect with influential professionals. Prioritize quality connections over quantity and focus on personal and professional growth. Best wishes for your networking journey, from CADD Centre

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