Four areas where 3D Printing is unstoppable

The common challenge for product developers, engineers, and CEOs is the selection of a development technique for their product. In most cases, companies use 3D to manufacture their product, as it is the only way to meet higher standards. The further information will go beyond the obvious strength of 3D printing and unleash four areas where 3D printing is unstoppable.

Complex Geometries

Complexity does not mean more difficulties in the process of 3D printing. Complex geometries act as a solution for detailed and complex angles that require execution and precise measurements. In addition to it, 3D printing completes the task at a lower cost when compared with the traditional style of manufacturing.

Mass Customization

In contrast with the tooling limitations, companies can now economically produce thousands of customized parts on a daily basis. By developing a process, which integrates customer data into the physical parts, consumers can have access to affordable custom-fit products. Mass customization is the way to develop a solution that saves time, money, and material. As an example, custom-fit printed earbuds are designed by a company using Fused Deposition Modeling of ABS plastic within less than 48 hours.

3D Printing – Integrated Assembly

One promising area of 3D printing is integrated assemblies. It reduces the print time of the objects by simply integrating an assembly plan into the 3D model before printing. For example, a bunch of architecture students successfully manufactured 3D-printed flexible textile structures with FDM and SLS technologies. Designed to have both flexibility and rigidity, 3D printing is bringing new surprises to the fashion and textile industry due to its integrated assemblies.

Engineering Re-Design

With regard to Engineering Redesign, 3D printing allows the designer the freedom of recreating the product without any restrictions on part standardization, assembly, or traditionally restricted geometries. The approach produces organic structures that resemble plants, bones, or shapes that are expensive or impossible to manufacture with any other means.

As technology grows and matures, it reveals exciting innovations in 3D printing on a daily basis. We hope that the four areas give a better idea of the designing and manufacturing advantages of 3D printing.

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