Softwares that every electrical and electronics engineer should know how to use

The life of electronic and electrical engineers revolves around circuits, PCBs, connections, and complications. However, the development of software has made engineers’ life a bit simpler. Nowadays, we have in the market some excellent electrical and electronic software that performs all the functions such as circuit designing, simulation, and much more. Some of this software are discussed below.

Autodesk Product Design Suite

A popular 3D design software that helps engineers to design, simulate, collaborate, visualize, digitalize, and prototype their designs using its advanced tools. The tool is highly efficient in completing your engineering process by making accessible product design changes.

COMSOL Multiphysics

It is the original multi-physics simulation software. COSMOS is a platform for physics-based modeling that serves as an engineering design tool. It involves features such as choosing from 30 products and further expanding the simulation platform. Also, it is equipped with interfaces and tools for mechanical, fluid flow, electrical and chemical applications.

The Engineering Toolbox

An online tool for design engineers that easily provides resources, tools, and, necessary information. Its feature involves options for charts, conversion, and diagram templates as an engineering design tool. To provide design engineers with the optimized version, it is easily adaptable on tablets, smartphones, and desktops.


It is an open-source program to draw electrical circuit diagrams or schematic drawings. TinyCAD is a handy engineering design tool that supports standard and custom symbolic libraries. The features involve hierarchical schematic entry along with the support for embedding graphical images in drawings.


For electrical engineers, it can be frustrating to find a program to produce a structure suitable for publication. This software helps them to draw electrical circuit schematic diagrams and figures of high quality. The features of XCircuit include saving editable components and retrieving them from libraries, making the job of electrical engineers easier.


The software Calculatoredge is tailored according to the needs of the electronic engineer. It features a few hundred calculators and can solve complex equations in the field of mechanical, electrical, and more. Calculatoredge involves separate categories for electrical and electronic engineering, making it a sure tool for both of them.

EE Engineer’s Handbook

A top-rated app for electrical engineers, and helps in bode plots, filter design, impedance calculations, or bandpass filters. It gets frequent updates by encouraging users to post features requested in the feedback.

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