How to Create Your Ideal Design Career

If you are a designing enthusiast, creating a career in the field of Architectural design can give your dreams new wings. Architectural design is all about work areas associated with the process of planning, designing, and constructing structures and buildings.

Being an architectural designer you will be well aware of the style and methods used for physical structures and spatial areas. You will learn how to determine objectives, give preliminary estimates for cost and time, prepare structure specifications, and manage the construction contracts through the life cycle of the projects.

A Professional Degree

To create an ideal design career in the field of architecture, the preliminary requirement is a professional degree in architecture. A typical 5-year bachelor’s degree program is designed for students with no previous architecture training. Thus, this degree program includes courses on architecture history, building design concepts, construction methods, math, professional practices, physical sciences, and generating designs with computer-aided designing and drafting (CADD).

Training and Internship

Apart from the professional 5-year degree course earned through a university, almost all Architectural Registration Boards require the graduates to complete an internship. This training is done over almost a decade and is generally a paid program. Successful completion of the internship makes a candidate eligible to appear for the Architect Registration Examination. The candidate here learns how to design parts of projects, prepare architectural drawings and documents, and build models.

Professional Licenses and Certifications

All designing professionals need to have a license to take up projects in the market. Licenses are provided when a candidate has a professional degree and has successfully completed their internship. In addition, professional certifications from well-known organizations also help to excel in this career.

Architectural designers are in great demand in the market. They are offered an average salary of $74, 520 (May 2014). The payments also depend upon the employability status of the candidate as some organizations also pay for education for some employees.

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