Lack of Women in Tech is Hindering Industry Growth

Equality in the workplace is the most trending topic in the current scenario. We have always seen people boasting about the organizational culture of gender equality and women empowerment. However, the question is, do women experience equality at work? Let us follow the statics to know the fact.

  • A survey revealed that 43% of women in technology are paid less than men.
  • 39% of the women indicated that they experience gender bias at their workplace.
  • 48% of women claimed that lack of mentors weakens the state of women.
  • 42% of the women said they experience a slow growth rate due to a lack of female role models.

The data mentioned above is not very overwhelming. Despite being born in this hi-tech era, if we suffer from such gender bias, it is the biggest weakness of society. This inequality in career prospects is not only restraining women but is also hindering the growth of the Technology Industry.

Depleting IT Industry

Fewer opportunities for women in the tech industry have diverted the women workforce towards alternative career options. As a result, the information technology sector is suffering from a shortage of skilled workers in engineering and technical domains. This lack of workforce is restricting the overall growth and development of the industry.

Empowering Women

Considering the criticality of the situation, it is necessary for organizations to take strict measures to promote women’s inclusion in the industry. Given below are a few measures which could help bring women back into the IT sector.

  1. Create a network to connect talented female employees with other inspirational female motivators.
  2. The inclusion of women in the executive team will boost their confidence. Additionally, this involvement will motivate other women to strive for career growth.
  3. Allocating mentors helps in the overall development of the female workforce.

In a nutshell, we can say that women are an integral part of society and the corporate world. Their diversion from the technology domain is a huge drawback for the industry. As a result, strict measures must be taken to bring women to the mainstream information technology sector.

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