“Make in India” Expands Scope for Engineers

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“Make in India” Expands Scope for Engineers

Make in India is an initiative by Prime Minister- Mr. Narendra Modi that focuses on 25 sectors of the economy for skills enhancement and job creation. The list includes: IT, textiles, chemicals, tourism and hospitality, automobiles, pharmaceuticals, ports, aviation, bio-technology, leather, wellness, design manufacturing, mining, railways, renewable energy, and electronics. The initiative is expected to drive an increase in tax revenue and GDP growth.

With the bell of ‘Make in India’, any industry which requires monitoring, sensing and controlling of variables has rapidly growing employment opportunities in the horizon; and it’s time for engineers to take it on a serious note . Areas like process automation, factory automation, manufacturing industries (testing, design, and quality control), consultants (turnkey projects /solution providers), system engineering, embedded systems and electronic circuit plan uncover the plenty of job opportunities for engineers via this initiative.

Before the initiative was introduced, foreign equity caps in many sectors had been relaxed. The request for licenses was made accessible online and the strength of licenses was increased to 3 years. The initiative also targets at quality standards and reducing the impact on the nature. The initiative hopes to attract capital and technological investment in India.


Some Promising Numbers

Out of 25 sectors, except Defence (49%) Space (74%), and Media (26%), 100% Foreign Direct Investment is allowed in the rest of the sectors.


Below listed Business giants investing under the Make in India plan which may benefit engineers to breathe their dreams:

1. The Spice Group will initiate a mobile phone manufacturing unit in Uttar Pradesh(UP) with an investment of Rs.500 crore.

2. Samsung INS coming up with a joint initiative under which 10 “MSME-Samsung Technical Schools” will be started in India. In February, Samsung said that will produce the Samsung Z1 in its plant in Noida.

3. Hitachi would increase its workforces in India from 10,000 to 13,000.

4. Huawei opened a new research and development campus in Bengaluru. It had capitalized US$170 million to launch the research and development centre.

5. Marine Products Export Development Authority said that it was concerned in supplying shrimp eggs to farmers in India.

6. France-based LH Aviation contracted a MoU with OIS Advanced Technologies to establish a manufacturing plant in India to manufacture drones.

India’s technical talent is second to none. Indian technical forces have expertise that cannot be found anywhere else around the globe. Specifically, Indians do have a rare capacity for creating creative resolutions with limited resources when compared with the engineers in the West. If the prime minister is giving his full support to the manufacturing sector through the Make in India movement, career openings must be explored far beyond what was previously thought possible for Engineers.


Image courtesy:  www.engineersindia.com

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